Ethan Mowery's Online Portfolio

Welcome to my online portfolio. While not inclusive, it should provide you with a solid overview of my writing and design abilities. If you found your way here I either sent you or Google was nice enough to point you this way. Or perhaps you decided to take a fling with Bing? No matter the case, I hope you enjoy your visit and find something of value. Thanks for stopping by!

Look. Learn.

Movie Criticism: Out of the Dark

Can love conquer fear? This is the question posed to us in Donnie Darko, a dark film that takes place in 1988 in the small suburban town of Middlesex, Virginia. Donnie Darko, the main character whose last name reflects the ominous tone for the film is like most teenagers, lost, confused, afraid and struggling to find himself. Donnie may be like most teenagers, but he isnt normal. - More

Book Review: Rite of Passage

Benjamin Percys short story Refresh, Refresh. brings back the language of men as it once was. At a time when Maxim, GQ and Esquire serve to define the new softer American male as an emotive, talkative, perfumed and spa-treated mannequin whose most conspicuous association with masculinity is the size of his SUV, Percys observations of two friends growing into young adulthood in the backwoods of Oregon remind us of the manhood that defined Ernest Hemingways generation. - More

Poetry: As the Worm Turns

back then
I said what had to be said
call it kids being kids

insults inflated underdevloped egos
mine ballooned at the expense of poor David's

- More